TMC Finance would usually begin with an individual consultation to establish exactly what the client is seeking to achieve from a factoring service. At this early stage we can use our market knowledge to assess how realistic your expectations are and also discuss with you any potential problem areas.

Most importantly at this stage we can give you an impartial view regarding any concerns or questions you may have concerning factoring in general.

It is worth mentioning, that it is particularly important, if you are already factoring and are looking to change factors for any reason, to discuss fully at this stage any reasons why you are unhappy with your present provider. whilst many problems can be resolved by a change of factor, there are certain issues which can be problematical to most factors and a move to the wrong one could exacerbate the problem rather than solve it.

Up to date Market knowledge is the key to our service, because of this we specialise in factoring and related sales linked finance products.

Choice for you is all important and for this reason we will always try to introduce at least two factors who we feel would suit your needs. In many cases the contacts we have with the factors are at Director/Senior management level so any potential stumbling blocks will have been covered beforehand this reduces the risk of time wasting for both yourself and our factors.

Helping you understand the quotations will be the final stage of the process and will be one of the most useful parts for you.

It is true to say that generally most business owners focus on two areas of the quotation. The service Fee and the percentage of funds to be released. This simple fact probably accounts for the majority of factor/client disputes, as the reality is that both of these areas can be severely affected by the detail in the rest of the quotation.

Our aim is to ensure that you are given a balanced view of the options available, and where possible to outline the pros and cons of each individual offer.

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